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Vegetable Glycerin

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Glycerin is a product manufactured from Glycerol. Glycerol is a by product of the production of biodiesel. Biodiesel is manufactured from animal fat of vegetables such as soy beans and seads. What Glycerin is expressed as Vegetable it indicates the product is produced from Vegetable based Glycerol.

What is the difference between Glycerol and Glycerin?
There is a big difference between Glycerin and Glycerol. Glycerol is not Glycerin or Glycerine. Glycerol in it's raw state is converted into Glycerin.

Can Vegetable Glycerin be used in food?
Vegetable Glycerin when designated as USP is approved as a food and beverage additive. The container must indicate that the glycerin is USP. If USP is not on the label it is not approved for food or beverage use.

Can Glycerin be used to make Tinctures?
Glycerin is very popular in making Tinctures because of its properties and taste.

Where can I buy Glycerin?
Glycerin can be purchased directly online at or at CVS, Walmart or Walgreens.

What type of Glycerin do I need to make bubbles?
Glycerin is a popular additive for making large bubbles. Any type of Glycerin can be used to make bubbles. More information on making bubbles can be observed by watching this video.

Where can I find Glycerin?
At ChemWorld, Glycerin is stocked in Denver Colorado, Atlanta Georgia, and Columbus Ohio. If you order online your order will ship within 24 hours and you will have it within 2 days.

Is Glycerin Kosher?
Glycerin products labeled as USP may be Kosher certified. Kosher is a certification from the orthodox church that the product may be used in Kosher certified products. If a product is designated as Kosher, it must be designated with an enclosed U.
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Vegetable Glycerin USP
ChemWorld Glycerin USP - 5 Gallons
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Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher - 5 Gallons 
Glycerin USP
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Glycerin USP Kosher - 1 Gallon - Vegetable based 
ChemWorld Glycerin USP
ChemWorld Glycerin USP Kosher - 55 Gallons
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Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher - 55 Gallons - Free Shipping! 


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